Saturday, October 31, 2009

World Series

You heard it on this blog first. Yankee fan, Jeffrey Maier, must be a camera man for Fox Sports. I don't think it's possible for the Yankees to have any more luck.

I love baseball, but I have a couple of problems with this World Series. As a Mets fan, this is the worst possible World Series match-up. The Mets are always in the shadow of the Yankees, and the Phillies are the hated division rival. If only these two teams could just destroy each other and cease to exist.

The second issue I have is that it's Halloween and only Game 3! We should have our champion by now! Tomorrow will be November 1st and only Game 2 of the World Series. I love baseball, but it should be over by now (especially as a Mets fan in 2009).

Oh, I forgot. There is one thing that always ruins the World Series - the announcing team of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Do these guys ever shut up? How much longer are they going to talk about replay? I cannot believe these guys are the best Fox Sports can buy. I know Vin Scully isn't busy. Gary Thorne is out there. How about borrowing Al Michaels from NBC? Heck, I'd rather have Gilbert Gottfried and Rachel Ray call this game.

Molly Enjoying Halloween in Cranberry, PA

Wow! Halloween is serious business in this town. It was common to find homes giving away full-size candy bars and cans of soda tonight. I especially liked the neighbor that had the haunted walkway leading to his front door.

Molly had a great time dressed up as a butterfly. It was her first time treak-or-treating. The neighbors really liked her costume.

It's Halloween!

I cannot wait to put the butterly costume on Molly and go treak-or-treating. She's going to look great as always. I just hope she has the stamina to make it around the block. I will post a pic later.